Thursday, February 17, 2011


Assalamualaikum, Konnichiwa and Hello Everyone~!

Happy New Year~~~~
Ura: That's waaaayyy too late...

Happy Chinese New Year~~?
Ura: That's too, late...

Salam Maulidur Rasul???
Ura: That's not too late... Salam...

Ohohoho... It seemed that I've been in a pretty long hiatus due to very limited access to the internet. Thus, I'm happy to tell that my first post in 2011 is done in Sydney~ Hurray~~~ (Q: What's the motive of being happy? A: Dunno...)

As you can see, it's the new layout. Is it nice? I think so, but lots of buttons went missing and I don't really know how to fix them. So, maybe I'll try it later. Sorry if it's inconvenient... Hontou ni gomenasai!!! (90 degree bow)

I've planned to post something before, but you can see that the plan is a complete failure. Nahh... Nothing important... Just want to show my first sketch of the year. I daydreamed that I was one of the character from Fairy Tail and this is what I manage to draw.

I don't really have the time to use the scanner, so I snap it using my phone camera...

Next, together with B. Ed TESOL Cohort 2 3rd Cycle IPG Kampus P. Pinang students, we departed to Sydney on the 10th of February. Well, to be exact, we departed on the 11th of February midnight.

I would like to thank some people for sending me off~

1) My parents of course~Thanks for everything Mama and Ayah~ Driving to KLIA, then straight back home must be tiring ne? Love both of you~

2) Mira-chan, Cai-chan and Apis Kamit (not in the pic)~
Mira-chan and Cai-chan arrival was a huge surprise~ Thanks Mira-chan for the trouble coming from UPSI, Cai-chan from UIA (Cai-chan even had an important exam the next day!) and Apis Kamit, who came straight after work (He's a MAS junior technician). Thanks a LOT!!!

Next, trip to Sydney~ I'll just show some of the pic okay? Visit my FB page for more~ (sape la nk tgk gmba die tu kn?)

Thanks seagulls for loving us~
Seagulls: You've paid us right?...

Thanks to the Seniors for guiding us~

That's All For Today~
Mattane Deshou~

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