Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Erm... Olla? ~


It seems that I’ve been on hiatus for quite a long time. Well, there’s no internet connection at home. I even missed a number of chapters of Naruto, which is currently on hiatus. Urf!!! WHY?!!! Personally, I think that people really like to make others suffer heart ache. Things are getting exciting okay!!!

Ura: Don’t complain. It’s your choice.

Omote: Uwaaa… Ura-chan is so not cute!!!

A lot had happened during the holiday and I really really appreciate every single moment at home. Obviously, those moments couldn’t be repeated again.


Recently (to be exact, it was 2 days ago), I’ve been reading and addicted manga entitled Akuma to Love Song (The Devil and Love Song).

It’s a shoujo manga which I think is very interesting cause the heroin’s (Kawai Maria) personality is something that almost impossible to be found in this world. Her cold personality and her ability to read people's true intention makes people call her Devil. She wanted to change for the better. And most importantly (choral speaking tone), the heroin is a very strong person~ (I mean mentally strong).

I’ve been thinking a lot, why do I like Japanese mangas and dramas so much? (certain only, but quite a number). I guess these are my answers~ Because, in the storyline…

1) They don’t give up easily.

2) There will be several failures before they succeed. (Sometimes, even we worked hard, we still face failures in life, right?

3) They have strong wills to keep on living no matter how hard their life is.

4) They’re willing to do anything for the sake of others.

5) They seldom take back their words.

6) Their deeds are full with sincerity (though sometimes it seems harsh).


The reasons are more than this but I think those were the main points, especially point number 7. Their words made me realize what life is about and appreciate everything in this world. I really wish that I could be like that as well. In that sense, Japanese are incredible~


I think, that’s all for now.

Mattane Deshou~