Thursday, September 30, 2010

Todomachi Desu~!


I'm too lazy to type...

I even haven't started my assignments... (ura: super lazy-bone)

Well, after staring for too long playing Pokemon Emerald game, I decided to 'Mute Karaoke' because I don't really dare to make too much noise.. hehe... and I encountered this song....

Title : Friends (Ending 2 Gundam 00)
Singer: Stephanie (a Japanese)

and the translation~ (in case waiting for the video to load is extremely irritating)

Having worn the same smiles
We passed through the years together
The sceneries kept changing
And we struggle to accept it

I throw away my useless pride
May kindness come to this world

I Gotta Say
Even if I show off my bravery and my strength
I can't survive alone
Our promise from that day
It remains firm in my heart, even now…

New encounters come after each farewell
I find light down a new path, and move on
Since the day I was born
That has been the way my life is molded

Before we realize it,
We have both found our own futures

I Gotta Say
Even if you're far away where I can't meet you
There's a resilient bond between us
"May our dreams come true"
I’m praying from the bottom of my heart
We’re friends forever

We vow to meet again someday
Making a pinky swear
We started to walk
Towards our unseen destination
And though we maybe lost
We're making progress
All the time…

Amidst the changing seasons
And this fleeting moments
I listen to the nostalgic melodies
Even if I become an adult
Some things won't fade away
Like our precious memories

I Gotta Say
Even if I show off my bravery and my strength
I can't survive alone
Our promise from that day
It remains firmly in my heart…

As life goes on…
I mustn't forget, Yeah
Don’t let it go…
I remember this vast land and my friends/comrade

and thus, I decided to dedicate this song to all my friends especially:~

1. Nur Shairah bt. Mohd. Tarmizi
2. Amirah Adilah bt. Mujahid
3. Diayana bt. Naharuddin
4. Nur Farhana bt. Mohd Syams Baskaran

- Thanks for acknowledging me~
- Thanks for making me feel appreciated.
- Thanks for teaching me that it's okay to be myself.
- Thanks for always be there for me.
- Seriously, I OWE YOU MY LIFE~! (which I don't have any idea on how to return it back. hehe)

For the names that I didn't mention, I apologize.

For the rest of my friends, my dearest roommate (Natrah), classmates or even schoolmates, my life won't be complete without all of you (though you only talked to me once, as long as I'm still in your memory, I'll approve you as my friends ^_^).

Each and everyone of you have taught me different lessons, experience and many more. Million of thanks for colouring my life~

I'll always cherish our bond of friendship and may Allah bless all of us by strengthening our bond~

That's All for TODAY~!

Mattane Deshou~

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Okay2 I get it...
I have to update this bloggy-chan <- (sounds very weird)...

So here goes... My Raya Story~ (ur
a: dh basi la weih...)

Well, can't say this was my best Raya, but I'm grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate it again this year. Three days before raya, my family I went back to my village which located in Kampung Bindu, Tongkang Pechah, Batu Pahat, Johor. Yeah... We never celebrated our 1st Raya anywhere but this place~ Thus, those were my activities~

Weaving 'ketupat'... I was paid 20 cent per ketupat~

Filling the 'ketupat' with rice...

Cooking time~!


Raya Dishes~

Being served and eaten...

Not much of a story huh?
Okay~ That's All for today~!

Mattane Deshou~~~