Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tea Heehehe~

Exam is just around the corner...
I saw people jogging along the corridor in the middle of the night...
And I thought to myself...
What a wonderful world... (erk?!!)

Please ignore the stanza above. Hehe.. A week before exam. Each day of the week requires me to drink A nice and warm JUG OF TEA (1000ml only). Well, it helped me to stay awake and feel refreshed. I even enjoy the different types of tea...

~TARAAA~~! My Tea 'Collections'
From the left, strawberry flavour, green tea+jasmine, passion fruit flavour, and apple flavour (above)

Teehehe.. I'm not showing off okay.. (you may decide whether it's a truth statement or not by your own~)

Ura: Hey, don't you have any NORMAL tea? Or you're afraid that your standard will fall for having normal tea in your collections?

Omote: Ehehe... The fact is, I've spent too much on these kind of teas that I have no budget left for the normal tea...

Kurrr... kurrr... kurrr...

Well, let me share something. The 'Normal' tea that Ura mentioned just now is called black tea (the tea that we used to drink at Mami cafe etc. etc.). Those flavoured tea that I 'collected' were actually black tea with some mixture of nature identical fruit flavour (about 8% only). Yeah, I agree if you said that it is almost as same as adding fruit syrup in a normal black tea. However, as I enjoyed the different aroma of the tea, I don't mind buying those tea. I might buy other flavours next time~

My Mini Wonderland 1 (if I own these)
However, I enjoyed green tea the most~ Maybe some of you might wonder what are the differences between green tea and black tea. Well, both come from the same plant, which is Camellia sinensis, but the teas were processed differently. To make it simple, green tea undergone least oxidation compared to black tea. You can click here for more info.

My Mini Wonderland 2 (also, if I own all of these)

Next~ The Art of Brewing Green Tea (ni lg satu ayat x leh blah)

  1. Toss the tea bag into a jug.
  2. Pour hot water as much as you pleased.
  3. Let it steep for 2 minutes.
  4. Remove the tea bag.
  5. Stir.
  6. Done~
Omote: ehehehehe... (Ura-chan, I allow you to slap me as I will feel nothing..)

Here come the facts~
Actually, a 100 degree Celsius boiled water may cause green tea to taste bitter, but researchers found out that using boiling water and longer steeping times increases the amount of polyphenols in the green tea. Polyphenols are the antioxidants in green tea that are good for the health. However, if it is your nature to dislike bitter, let the boiled water cool down for a while (until about 70-60 degree Celsius) before you start to brew the green tea.

Oh yeah! Teas are better served WITHOUT sugar or it will lead you to diabetes. But then, I still drink teas mixed with sugar or honey, but not so much. About 2 teaspoon per 1000ml only..

Okay, I think I've typed too much~ If you are interested with teas, you might as well enjoy the colourful Lipton homepage...

Last but not least, next time I am going to buy the Ahmad Tea Earl Grey Tea, as I was quite disappointed with the Strawberry flavour Lipton which tasted and smelled EXACTLY the same as Apple flavour Lipton (apple flavour has stronger aroma)...Sob sob...

Well, that's all for today~

Mattane Deshou~

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm a fan of Maher Zain and one of my favourite song is InsyaAllah (actually, I like the whole album of his). So, I highly recommend this song to everyone who feels down or confuse and etc. etc. It makes my mind calm and sometimes I felt touched when listening to this song... (not sure whether this is the correct term to express my feeling towards this song). Well, this is the latest music video from him. Please enjoy the music video~ and the song as well~

After watching this video, I've realized something...

Ura : Hey, remember your 'niat'!!!
Omote : Hait....

What I can conclude from this song is that whenever you have problems or confuse on something, seek Allah. InsyaAllah, Allah will help you and you will find a way to solve your problems. We are Allah's creations and logically, the Creator must know what's best for His creations. Never give up before you try and always bare in your mind that Allah will never test you on something that you can't handle and Allah will never leave His creations without guidance... BELIEVE IN ALLAH AND YOURSELF!!!

That's all, a little bit of reminder to remind everyone including myself~
May Allah Bless All of You~

Mattane deshou~