Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm a fan of Maher Zain and one of my favourite song is InsyaAllah (actually, I like the whole album of his). So, I highly recommend this song to everyone who feels down or confuse and etc. etc. It makes my mind calm and sometimes I felt touched when listening to this song... (not sure whether this is the correct term to express my feeling towards this song). Well, this is the latest music video from him. Please enjoy the music video~ and the song as well~

After watching this video, I've realized something...

Ura : Hey, remember your 'niat'!!!
Omote : Hait....

What I can conclude from this song is that whenever you have problems or confuse on something, seek Allah. InsyaAllah, Allah will help you and you will find a way to solve your problems. We are Allah's creations and logically, the Creator must know what's best for His creations. Never give up before you try and always bare in your mind that Allah will never test you on something that you can't handle and Allah will never leave His creations without guidance... BELIEVE IN ALLAH AND YOURSELF!!!

That's all, a little bit of reminder to remind everyone including myself~
May Allah Bless All of You~

Mattane deshou~


afifi said...

shap is blogging!!!

anak pak man said...

*nods over enthusiastically..

Chee's Daughter said...

wah~ ade komen rupenye kt cni~
*masih blur pasal blogging neh*