Friday, April 30, 2010

Moe Moe~

I've just finished reading the latest Ouran Highschool manga. I like it very much and this manga will come to an end very soon. I'm pretty excited to read the next chapter, but it seems that I had to wait till end of July for the next chapter...


Huuu... I can say that this is the agony of a manga reader. Coz mangas are published either weekly or monthly, depends on the author. Then, this week, there is a public holiday in Japan, so Weekly Shounen Jump will not be published, and I have to wait another week for Naruto. Huaaa... I don't really enjoy waiting, but what can I do, the authors of the mangas are also human. Currently, these are the mangas that I've been followed since.... I've already forgotten since when...

1) Naruto / Shippuden (weekly)
2) D. Gray-Man (monthly)

3) Dengeki Daisy (published by volume, probably once every 2 month)

4) Ouran Highschool Host Club (monthly)

And etc. etc. etc. Most of the mangas I read are published monthly, so, it makes me suffer...

Ura (inner me) : You already know it makes you suffer, then why continue?
Omote (outer me) : Coz the sketches are too KIREI (beautiful)!!! So, I can't help it but to endure the suffer. (Ayat x bleh blah)

However, as a manga reader, there is one thing that I fear most. What's that? I fear that the authors of the mangas die before they ended the manga series... Huu... Okay, that's it for today~

Mattane deshou~

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zhoul said...

yeah.shonen jump are taking a break, so no jump mangas this week >.<