Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nothing much~

Assalamualaikum and Moshi2~

Recently, a lovely parcel came to me. Well, not that lovely as I have to pay for it. Uhuk3... But I'm really happy with it~

Yep... It's me in the parcel...

Wondering what the heck is that? That is what human call, Pen Tablet. Ohohoho~ It functions like a mouse (PC mouse not mouse mouse) but the different is we will use the pen to move the cursor. Suitable for sketching (amature sketchers as professional one will use tablets that are way more expensive that this) and signing documents in PC, laptop, etc etc etc. Of course, this is the cheapest that I could find.

Next~ Thanks to my brother Hadri for giving me lots of links for colouring tutorial, I found out that my previous colouring was really hideous. That time, I haven't bought the tablet yet, so using the PC mouse, I made a little bit modification on the previous picture.
Ne.. This is a little bit, right?
New colouring technique using photoshop... I learned from this link.
It's pretty easy but confusing as we have to keep changing layers making the neatness miserable.

Next~ I drew a new picture, as if the character is wearing a hijab. Ohohoho~
Thanks to my brother again for introducing SAI paint. It's easy to make the outline using this software. But I don't really know how to colour yet using Sai, so I use photoshop... The pen tablet is sure handy~

Creepy huh?

Last but not least, using Mira-chan sketch, I try to colour using Sai. Sorry Mira chan, I know that the original sketch is much better that this. After all, there are things that only you could do... So, It became like this.... Honestly, its easier using Sai than photoshop, and having a pen tablet sure is a bonus...

Ahahaha~ I know I know. I have to practice more especially on the shading and smaller details. For those who interested, don't give up~! You can search for many website tutorials on how to sketch, colour either using Sai or photoshop online~

That's all for today~
Jya~ Mattane~