Saturday, February 18, 2012

Other people might less likely think~

I can't sleep..
So I've been thinking of ways to fall asleep..
And now, I'm no longer sure how I used to fall asleep..
I've forgotten how to fall asleep..
How do I fall asleep?
How do I make my way into slumberland?

If you stop and think about it..
What is sleep?
When we close our eyes, we're just shutting our eyelids..
Our eyeballs are still darting around..
It's completely dark, but that's because we're looking at the inside of our eyelids..
It doesn't mean we're asleep..
To prove it, if you close your eyes during the day, it's completely red..

What did I do with my eyeballs if I want to fall asleep?
Should I just stare at the inside of my eyelids?
Or should I look up? Or down?
And do we breathe with our mouths when we sleep?
Or with our noses?
Or do we breathe in through our mouths and out through our noses?
Should I cross my arms?
Should I leave them at my sides?
Outside the blanket?
Inside the blanket?
How should the pillow be placed?
Face-up? Face-down?

I can't sleep..
I don't feel like sleeping at all..
Was it this hard to fall asleep?
Did we go through such an ordeal every night?
What is sleep again?
I feel more and more awake..
What did I do?
At this rate, I'll never fall asleep for the rest of my life..

Taken from Gintama Episode 153 - Sleep helps a child grow..

Hehe~ It's an interesting episode and I'm amazed with Hideaki Sorachi-san for being able to think all of these~ (The dialogue about sleep)... Well, it has been Cai-chan's favourite episode and it made me shed tear and caught off guard.. Wink2*

That's all~
I'm right behind You~!