Friday, February 25, 2011

Learning in Macquarie~

السلام عليكم~ (Assalamualaikum)
こんいちは~ (Konnichiwa)
and hello everyone~

I was just playing with the letters and happy with it...

Alhamdulillah... It has been a week of attending classes and I'm trying to get use to the new environment. So far, I enjoyed the classes, being able to laugh when others laugh... though most of the time staring at the lecture's face trying to understand what is he/she is saying. Okay, I admit. I understand literally what they said, but semantically (<-I wonder if this is correctly used) I don't really get it.. Hehe...

So what's the catch this sem? Jeng jeng jeng~

Ohohoho~ I'm so happy that I manage to take this course as my elective~

What's so interesting about it?

We have weekly online quiz~~~~
Weekly tutorial quiz~~~
A class test~~
Individual speaking test~
Group speaking test..
Examination... and...


Ura: You're giving up already?

At first, I'm not very sure about it my self. However, after trying to memorize all the hiragana within 48 hours, Alhamdulillah~ I manage to read hiragana texts now~ yep... like a kindergarten student... (and my head almost burst)

Well, somehow I realized that I really love Japanese language and InsyaAllah I'll put my heart and soul to learn this language... You shouldn't waste the chance given by Allah, right?

Not only for Japanese language, InsyaAllah, I'll try my best studying here...

That's all for today~

さようなら~(Sayonara... I'm not sure when to use Mattane thus, I'll use this for the time being...)

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