Saturday, November 27, 2010

Erm... Lalala?~

Assalam to Konnichiwa~

Hait... 'Last post' de wa nai...

Ura: Uso darou....
Omote: Iyada!!!

After several years living without a scanner, Ayah suddenly decided to buy us one. It's actually for MUV matters. But then, Ayah gave me the permission to use it anytime~ Yay~! I'm so happy~! Why? Because I'm definitely going to use it wisely~ Taraaa~~~

Art No. 1~

And No. 2~
I'm pretty bad at drawing MEN... and I'm still learning... So, please excuse the ugliness...

(credit to my little brother Hafiz for 'allowing' me to sneak in his room and 'borrow' several manga's.. heee...)

Ura: Wow... you use it 'very WISELY'...
Omote: ehehehe~

Haha~ Because of the scanner, I manage to move a step forward in sketching/drawing manga like characters (I guess)~

Next, I hope that I could buy a tablet so that I could colour the pictures that I've drawn using Photoshop...

That's all~
Mattane Deshou~


anak pak man said...

ura? omote?

hehe, and ur right, the dude in no.2 does look a little big-headed.. hehe.. and the girl's head looks like it turns behind a little too much to be considered possible.. hoho..

but the girl in no.1 looks kawai..

draw some more!

The Tearaway said...

chantek gler.. :)

s0 influenced by anime... hahaha
lukis tsunade plez.. hahaha juz kidding

nurayafuka chee~ said...

Anwar-kun: Hait~ The next post will be another drawing~ Arigatou for d comment~

Jiha-chan: Tsunade? Tgk la yep~
Arigatou~ tp xleh lwn Zint la..
huuu.. just followed his blog... sgt chantek~