Saturday, October 16, 2010

Doctor Heli... Starto~


This is not because I woke up early... No way... It is just that I could stop my eyes from staring at the laptop screen watching a Japanese Drama entitled Code Blue Season 2 that I'd bought yesterday evening and when I realized, I've already watched everything. Plus 'Owh, it's already 4.45 a.m.'. I'm not sure whether I should categorize this habit under the good habit or the not so good habit. Yada desu...

The Poster~!
Starring Yamashita Tomohisa, Aragaki Yui, Toda Erika... etc etc

I've watched the first season last Saturday, and I really like it. I guess the same goes to most of us who had watched this drama. Weird... It's not a love story and very little comedy, somehow, the drama is amazing. A little bit of summary, it is about four ER doctors training to be flight doctors. Meaning, instead of rescuing using ambulance, they learn to save patients by using helicopter.

I've learnt a lot from this drama and the actors and actresses are really superb. They acted very well and I'm really amazed. I finally understand a bit in what sense doctors have to be strong physically and mentally. Personally, I think the actors and actresses had portrayed the role of sincere doctors very well, which made me 'banjir' every episode especially for season 2. Yep... The main point is the drama is interesting as it made me cry... A lot... More than when I watched 1 Litre of Tears... Huhu... One way to relieve stress I guess... Gahaa~!

So, I highly recommended this drama.. Both Code Blue Season 1, SP (special) and Season 2...

If somebody has Code Blue SP, kindly share it with me~ Last time, I watched it online...

Well, this is the first drama that I manage to restrain myself from watching the last episode before the first episode ended... hehe~

That's all~
Mattane deshou~!


anak pak man said...

Waaa, tak lama pun hg tgk drama ya? haha

Aku dok ada 1 litre of tears lam external, xtgk2 lg..

meh code blue kat aku supaya dapat tambah koleksi drama jepun yg xtertengok.. hehe

nurayafuka chee~ said...

Kjap jep... bajet 10 jam, x smpai 1 ari pown dh abes 1 drama... hehe~

Tgk la 1 Litre of Tears tuh.. dak2 len sume kata berliter2 tears kuar.. heee...

Nk code blue? okeh~

anak pak man said...

bila nak bg??

nurayafuka chee~ said...

ble2 mase~
bak cni external n pastikn ad kekosongan 20GB~